Today I submitted my first request to the “All Mighty Review Board” to create an office automation tool. It was quite a thrill. I don’t know about you but I rarely have such a sense of acheivement as when I submit a form. Ah, to think that I’ve brought another piece of paper into the world makes the bureaucrat in me glow.

But set aside the sarcasm for a moment…

I’m not really big on credit. One look at my bank statement would reveal me as a liar, if that were the kind of credit I was referring to. No, I’m talking about recognition for achievements. I don’t think I’ve been the kind of person that has sought out recognition for the contributions I’ve made at the office. However, there is something about me suggesting an idea for an office automation tool, someone else developing it (when I could have done it myself, perhaps better if history holds true), and that someone else getting credit for it that just rubs me the wrong way. Is it wrong of me to let this bother me?