A ray of sunshine.

It takes a small person to drag everyone else down when you’re feeling blue. Fortunately for my coworkers, I’m not a big person. Ah, but I shouldn’ worry too much, there’s always room for a little more bitter sarcasm. And speaking of bitter, yesterday I unveiled my treatise on software development in DOR. I sent it right to the top, cc ‘ing some of the folks in between. Here’s some of my favorite excerpts:

“Treat the symptoms don’t euthanize the patient.”

“Because it (the new policy) seemingly does not distinguish between those that have succeeded or failed in their efforts, it smacks of an indiscriminant ‘policy of no.’ ”

“I only wish to say that I have been led to believe that I have something I can contribute, and I would like to continue to do so. On behalf of everyone with something to give, let us keep giving of ourselves when we can.”

It’s a little hard to tell without the proper context, but them is some pretty good stuff. (You’ve got to say the last phrase in a southern accent for the proper effect.) Just take my word for it.

Alas, I can’t recall a time that I was more frustrated at work.