Four days, a lot of talking, and a little perspective.

More than once in the last several days I’ve made reference to “stripping away the extra layers of bullshit.” I didn’t do it here because I wasn’t writing much, but I’ve said it more than once. I try not to swear often, but when you are emotional, there is no substitute for profanity.

I left work early on Thursday. I called in absent on Friday. I spoke to no fewer than three senior managers at my office. I spoke to my wife. I spoke to my pastor. In the mean time, I learned something surprising from my wife. At four weeks along, there appear to be two little egg shaped blurs on the scan. Suddenly everything is not about work. Suddenly there is more to work than just writing code in VBA. Suddenly my problems don’t seem so unique or insurmountable. After four days, It is high time I started living my life again. Life wasn’t sitting around waiting for me, so I’ve got to run – I’ve got some catching up to do.