Before you can say you’ve turned a corner you have to have started in one direction and ended up in another. The question is: will there be another turn up ahead that will put me back on the original course, or will the change in direction be more or less permanent? Maybe it’s too much to expect from one afternoon, but it’s been a good day. Even when Beth was standing in front of the congregation at the children’s sermon and announced (completely changing the subject of the sermon) that she had a new book, I was able to take it in stride. The pastor indulged Beth and invited her to get her new book to show everyone. She ran back to her seat, collected her book and showed it to the congregation. “It’s a beginner’s bible”, Beth explained. “Wow, that looks nice Beth!” the pastor exclaimed. “Yeah, but my daddy made me bring it today.” The congregation erupted in laughter, just as my cheeks erupted in an orange glow. (For the record, I did not make her bring it this morning.) In the end I thought it was just as funny as everyone else, even if it was at my own expense. She can be a little out of control, but the pastor did indulge her, so I wasn’t mad. He knows to expect this kind of thing so I figure he had it coming. And it did, after all, bring a little humor and joy to the routine church service.

Yeah, it was a pretty good day.