Waste in the workplace.

Every now and again I am tempted to loaf at work. Loafing is an official department term, defined in the code of conduct as: spending time in idleness; to lounge or loiter about. How can I help my mind wandering now and again? No one is perfect, not even the famous Revenue Specialist III of the Clearwater
Court Team (sure, it doesn’t have quite the punch of “Archbishop of Canterbury” or “Supreme Commander of the Allied Forces”, but its mine, all mine). Today, during my brief daily episode of loafing, it struck me as critically important to know the exact date that our office moved from St. Petersburg to Clearwater. I asked one coworker if they knew, but they did not. They did however have a priceless face to make… one that said “is there any reason in particular that you’re dealing from a partial deck this afternoon?” After a a couple of minutes loafing and ten minutes of thorough research I found my answer: September 30, 1996. I made a circuit of the office sharing my new found knowledge with my court team cohorts.

My legend is an ever evolving creature, one that requires constant attention. Luckily, I am up to the task.

(Author’s note: this entry is best read with a sense of sarcasm. All meaning, what little there is, is lost without it.)