Praise and adoration.

It is at once odd and nice, having someone preen on your behalf. Sitting in my capacity as “the administrative hearings guy”, I had to sit through one compliment after another from the Administrative Law Judge. As my astute readers have probably surmised, he’s the guy that presides over the administrative hearings. As it turns out, he does them statewide, driving from location to location in his late model, high milage car. Today he sat down and chatted up our attorney. He says, “you’ve got it easy here, this fella knows what is going on. This is the best these things work anywhere in the state.” He goes on to say, “these tools you use, you ought to think about a copyright.” What did I say in reply? What do I always say? I said nothing. Instead I gave my awkward, “trying to be modest” smile. And for no extra charge I threw in a shoulder shrug.

You might say I don’t take a compliment well, and if you did you would be right. Self depretiation aside, it is nice to feel appretiated. Now if he could just stop carrying on like a talent agent with a crush, I’ll be just fine.

Now if this entry doesn’t turn out to be an exact copy of a previous entry, I may publish it.