You can never win for the first time again.

The once mighty Patriots are mighty once again. My original home team has won the Super Bowl, keeping my streak alive at three. My two favorite professional football teams have won the last three Super Bowls. While I was growing up the Patriots had two chances but didn’t come particularly close, and the Bucs… well, they just weren’t close period. Now they do the unthinkable, the unfathomable… they go and win the last three? Preposterous! Unbelievable! Absolutely true!

Now if the Bucs can turn it around next year, look out! After all, the Patriots didn’t make the playoffs last year after having won the Super Bowl after the ’01 season. Before that, the Rams (the Patriots opponent in their first Super Bowl victory) didn’t make the playoffs after the ’00 season – having won the Super Bowl after the ’99 season. It’s time for history to repeat itself yet again, at least I hope so.