Tick tock.

Stare a the keyboard. Stare at the playful kids. Glance at the magazine headlines. Think about writing. Admire the reflection of the lights on the windows. Wonder where they got their wallpaper. Feel the texture of the carpet under your foot. Wiggle your toes to get that irritating piece of sock out from between them. Look around casually for a good time to pull your pants from between your cheeks. Guess the ratio of face lifts to natural faces in the lobby (1/11). Make eye contact with a random stranger across the room and promise yourself you won’t be the first to look away. Loose at your own game. Go for less of a challenge and pick someone older than five. Think about sitting outside. Listen in on the nattering of a random nice person. Wonder who that person really is; what are their fears, their desires? Wonder if this entry could be confused with an acid trip.