Yesterday’s luxuries are today’s necessities.

Several years ago I got a free Palm OS handheld device. I wasn’t sure how much I would use one, but free is free. It turns out I used it a lot, so much so that now find that I can’t do without it. Today I found out what it was like to do without when mine broke. It turns out the little guys don’t react well to extremely sudden deceleration. Take an object and accelerate it at about 9.8 meters/second (squared). Let it accelerate for about one meter. Now stop it suddenly – applying the force necessary to stop it on a dime (so to speak). You’ll likely find (as I did) that a Palm OS handheld device won’t quite be the same after such an exercise. This evening I found myself parting with more of my hard earned money. I’d be upset but my brand spankin’ new Palm OS handheld device is tres chic. (Yeah, yeah – the frenchies rubbed off on me a little.)

Hey Beth, could you do me a favor? Could you take my laptop and drop it on the kitchen floor for me?