With the authority vested in her by God, genetics, and a second x chromosome, Cheryl is rarely wrong. When disputes arise, I frequently do what many other men in my position do, I take my rightful place, admit to my failings, and subject myself to her authority. Things are just easier that way.

This doesn’t mean that I always have to like it, but since when does liking something have to do with the rightful, natural order of things? This was the back drop to our conversation this morning. I don’t quite recall what we were talking about, but the rarest of occasions occurred, Cheryl was wrong. Naturally, I took the high road… not! “You know Cheryl, it’s o.k. There’s no shame in admitting that you are wrong about something.”

“Yeah, on second thought… that’s such a lie! AHH HAA HAA HAA!”

The kid in me was having a wonderful time, and it’s obvious there’s a whole lot of kid in me.