The little team that would

Sports has taught me to be a pessimist. You are going to lose. The odds weigh heavily against you. If you are good enough to make the playoffs you still have to overcome one in thirty-two odds to remain the last one standing. This is why, even with a three games to none lead in their series with Montreal, I was a little worried. How poised would the Lightning be with such a large cushion? If any team could earn the honor of being the first team to let an opponent overcome a three games to none hole in thirty odd years, couldn’t it be a young and relatively inexperienced team like the Lightning?

Damn John! The Lightning aren’t the number one seed for ‘nuthin! What are you thinking?!?

Tonight, the best team in Lightning history earned another first… a playoff sweep, and I’m thrilled to be wrong. Now I just need to untangle my intestines and I’ll be all set for bed.