There is no place like home

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I’ve been called home. The home office wants to see me. ME? Why me? What have I done? It turns out that I’ve been tapped as a “subject matter expert from the field.” Whoa, does that sound important! I’m fighting tooth and nail to keep it from going to my head. Most important to me is the fact that this is my first work related, overnight road trip. To the experienced work related road warrior a one night stay in a cheap motel on the employer’s tab may seem pretty tame. But to the uninitiated it’s like getting an all expense paid trip to visit with the gods on Mt. Olympus. I’ve been teased with invites from the home office before, only to have the meeting cancelled, so I’m trying to temper my enthusiasm for the moment.

I wonder if there is an organized tour of the facilities for us visiting field folk?