Altered moods

Recent history has ushered in more than its share of mood altering drugs for children. However, kids and their moods are no exception. If you can name a disorder your local pharmacist can name a couple of cures in a bottle, with an optional safety cap. There is one mood altering drug that has been with us for centuries. I am talking about sugar.

Who among the parents of the world have not sugared up a kid, only to see their efforts rewarded with a torrent of destructive energy? Less common is the similar effect in adults, but it happens. Take this morning for example. A week of traveling and a morning of bicycling left me a bit drained. Then someone shows up with freshly baked, fully sugared donuts from the local supermarket chain. (If you are not familiar with the Publix Bakery, then it is quite simply your loss.) Now I’m sugared up and I’m ready to rock and roll!

Accept no substitutes! Kneel before the king of all sweeteners!

If you suffer from chronic fatigue, ask your doctor if sugar would be right for you!
Possible side effects from sugar usage include weight gain, bad dental hygiene, and the mother of all energy crashes.