Dinner and a movie; sometimes that is all the difference between a day you were ready to forget and a day that doesn’t seem so bad after all. Next time you’re feeling the weight of woe just hop in your car, put on some good music, get something you like to eat, buy yourself a new little toy, and watch a good movie. (Just remember, when you’re out spending your money… don’t spend too much. We don’t want to make you feel better today at the expense of tomorrow.) When you’re done you may find that filling a few needs, both real and imagined, can get the ball rolling in the right direction. We all know that few minor glitches strung together can snowball into bad days, so why can’t the good stuff do the same?

Or would that be the opposite?

Do you you know what I mean?

Do I?

Don’t let me fool you. Vague sometimes sounds profound… and sometimes it’s just vague.