Record straightening

In the end, it was a good trip. Per usual, I was nervous being the outsider on that first day (as I’ve already explained). Some of my first impressions were not as good as I had hoped, but in hindsight I can’t discount the fact that my somewhat aloof manner contributed.

The second day left me with much more favorable impressions. During the discussions I overcame my fear of speaking up, and spoke. Merely speaking is not really what distinguishes the two days for me. The difference was that I spoke with a greater degree of self confidence – with more self assurance. There were a few times my points were well received and there were others where they were not. What is important for me to remember is that this is how a discussion works. Adults talk about their thoughts and ideas. Sometimes folks agree and sometimes they don’t. Here’s the key: was everyone listening and did everyone give the ideas discussed their due consideration – based on the merits of the idea as they are presented? After day number two I am glad to say my answers to those questions are a resounding yes.

Here’s the other thing, I’m usually uncomfortable judging folks with so little shared context. I feel a little bad about how I felt on Monday evening, particularly after Tuesday went so well. I guess it’s true what people say; nobody’s perfect.

This entry has little use as entertainment or as catharsis, but I thought it important to post in light of Monday’s entries and my subsequent change of mind. Yes, even if precious few ever read either entry.