Tooth ache

Aren’t you fortunate to have a portal into the nooks and crannies of my day to day life? It’s an honor, I’m sure. In any case, here’s one more minutiae: my tooth hurts.

Carrying on in fine American tradition I have long put off taking advantage of western preventative dentistry, and now the piper must be paid. What vile organisms festering in my mouth have bored through enamel and bone to assault my poor exposed nerves? What techniques, largely unchanged from medieval times, will the dental practitioner employ to “help”? Will modern dentistry make liberal use of analgesics to avail me, or will relief from my pain only be found through loss of consciousness?* My vote is for analgesics, but medicine is not a democratic process. Nay, tomorrow I submit myself to the tyranny of the dentist’s domain – The Office.

There I go, by the grace of my HMO.

This entry was sponsored, in part, by the dividends paid from a largely sleepless night.
* extreme pain sometimes causes one to pass out, or so they say anyway.