My keys to a good cup of yogurt

1. Always choose fruit flavoring that is dark in color and full in flavor – preferably sweet, not bitter.
2. Don’t give the “live and active cultures” any extra time to culture.
3. Cold is good, warm is a trip to the ER.
4. Yogurt and fried foods don’t mix.
5. Pick an appropriate beverage to wash it down; preferably something not overly sweet. And for heaven’s sake, put that orange juice away before you hurt someone!
6. Vanilla yogurt = plain yogurt = turn around and run the other way.
7. Don’t take expiration dates for granted; just because it’s on the grocery store shelf doesn’t mean it’s still good. You wouldn’t normally trust your life to a complete stranger, so don’t trust it to a store clerk who only works there because of the easy access to the beer in the back storeroom.