Working hard not to be distracted at work,

That mild, sick feeling in the pit of your stomach? Those mild tremors that resemble cold weather shivers? The feeling that your heart is racing out of control? That’s called anxiety.

The hockey game tonight? That’s called game seven.

From the Office of Handicapping and Prognostication; here are a few predictions for tonight’s game,

1. If the Lightning loose tonight, they will have a really tough time winning the cup this year.
2. One of the teams will play well enough to win.
3. One team will give up at least one too many goals.
4. At some point, one of the teams will score.
5. Someone on the broadcast team will use the word “Canadian” in a sentence correctly.
6. No fewer than three of the commentators will utter the phrase “,all of Canada,.”
7. I will watch the entire game.
8. I will consider taking something to relieve my symptoms.
9. At some point during the evening I will wish I had set my VCR to record the game and watched something else.