A legend in his own seat

Who among us hasn’t dreamed that they would publish a personal web site and attract dozens of visitors from all over the county? Yes, it’s a dream come true. Why just the other day I checked my server log and found that an unprecedented sixty (60) requests had been processed by my server for my little guideline spreadsheet. If each one of those requests represents an individual, then that’s almost as many people as I send Christmas cards every year!

You might think that this is an exercise in self-depreciating fun; and while you would be right on target, I will admit that I was a little surprised to see even that many hits. I can count the number of people who really care about updates to this spreadsheet on two fingers; and since sixty is greater than two, it is a surprise. Then if that were not enough, my server log registered its first hit from a search engine (for the search: “child support guidelines”).

Don’t worry folks; I’ll always be “Johnny from the block.”