About the laundry

Yesterday morning my wife asked me to do some laundry.

“Cheryl? The sum total of whites in the hamper equals six. That’s four socks and two shirts. Are you sure you want that done?”

To make a long response short, she answered in the affirmative. Sometime later, she asked if I had made any progress with the laundry.

“Cheryl, there were only six things to wash. I think I can somehow manage to fit that into my busy Sunday schedule.”

If you are not new to this site, you know that I am a male of the species. If you are a fellow male of the species, you know that any sarcastic statement regarding housework has approximately a 92.3% chance of later being used to swat you in the head.

At around 10:02 p.m., my growing bride asked me if I had finished the laundry.


I really ought to try harder to control my sarcasm.