This is your stomach calling

Two bagels with margarine, a glass of fruit punch flavored Gatorade, a Twix candy bar, and a Walgreen’s caffeine supplement? You call that breakfast? I’m not completely helpless down here you know. You’re going to start getting this breakfast thing right or there’s going to be hell to pay. What, you need some convincing? Don’t make me come back up there. You keep shoveling that crap down here and I swear I’ll send it right back. You’re familiar with the phrase, “return to sender?” What happened to the good old days when we settled in at work with an OJ and a bowl of cinnamon oatmeal? Hell, I’d settle for the bagels and Gatorade, but the sugar and caffeine have got to go. It’s me or them, and there’s only one of us you can live without. Contrary to popular belief, it’s not the caffeine. Oh, poor baby, you’re tired? Get some sleep, for crying out loud.