Looking for an old friend

I return to work after a four day layoff something less than refreshed. There are now two storms down, with one possibly to go. A slight relaxation deficit, combined with a computer system failure, conspires to make this a very long morning. It’s a classic story, really. Who among you haven’t sat idly at work while everything around you refused to cooperate? Who hasn’t wished they could really boot their computer (out the window)? And when that didn’t suffice, who among you hasn’t been more than ready to re-boot it (repeatedly)?

Here’s some news that just came in over the (phone) wire, a seven year old girl in Dunedin has just regurgitated copious amounts of previously consumed foodstuff. Eyewitnesses on the scene report that the girl was not feeling well prior to breakfast, and that the events to follow were not entirely unexpected.

Today is just one more day in the life of a typical suburban warrior, facing the challenges of fatigue and boredom head on – with the help of America’s favorite stimulant. When am I finally going to get off this caffeine kick ‘o mine? I figure in about six hours. The real question is: what will I do then?