We now return you to our regularly scheduled weather pattern

Our last reminders of Hurricane/Tropical Storm Frances are sitting in a large pile at the end of our driveway. After one false start, I was awarded an extra day off from work to deal with these reminders which were previously scattered about our yard. Spending half of the morning reminiscing in the yard was a really great time. Armed with a rake, a pair of gloves, two trashcans and one daughter eager to help – who wouldn’t have a good time?

Anyway, after about two hours I was ready to do some serious forgetting in the comfort of my air-conditioned family room. On my way inside, my wife came out to greet me at the front step. What do you suppose she said to me?

“John, you did an absolutely fabulous job on the front yard. It looks better now than it did before the storm.” You didn’t let a stranger mix your drink, did you?

“John, I’m so glad I have a man like you around.” Laugh and you’re cruising for a bruising.

“John, you deserve a break today, at McDonalds!” Ah, no.

“What about the back yard?” We have a winner!