When the lights go out

This evening we had a steady stream of electricity into the house. This is only remarkable due to the weather, and the fact that my parents and some friends did not. We got a call asking us if our power was out. It wasn’t. Naturally, Cheryl became concerned that our power might go out sometime in the next 24 hours. A light bulb went on in that part of Cheryl’s brain responsible for anxiety. She worriedly pointed out, “I don’t think Beth has any clean white socks left.” Eleven o’clock rolls around and it’s an hour past my normal bedtime, when the drier alarm goes off. “John, can you help me unload the dryer?” I reply, “do we really have to do laundry right now, I was just thinking off retiring for the night.” “Yes, I need to get the towels out of the dryer so I can put the whites in the dryer. We need to dry them tonight in case we don’t have power tomorrow.”

Of course, everyone knows that when a hurricane comes through you always want to make sure you have plenty of batteries, canned foods, bottled water, and clean white socks.