When boredom is a good thing

Hurricane/Tropical Storm Frances is still making its presence felt in Dunedin, Florida. Despite a whole heck of a lot of rain and some gusty wind, we’ve gotten off light. The electricity has been out at my in-law’s place. Power has been intermittent at my parent’s house. Yet, we’ve had power throughout the storm. The storm has left our property relatively untouched, other than a ton of branches carpeting the front yard and driveway. Our only casualty has been a small tree in our front yard that snapped in the wind.

We got an extra day off from work (and possibly counting). We’ve watched a LOT of television. Beth is making up for the lack of outside playtime by bringing the outside activity inside. I’ve spent a lot of time on the front porch, bored to near tears, watching the wind blown trees and the swirling rain.

The most suspense we’ve had this morning is waiting to see if school will be cancelled tomorrow.

Now if you’ll please excuse me – I think I’m going to go watch the rain some more.