There is evil in this world, and it wants to be loved. That’s why it is so frightening. It’s seducing you with winning ways and good looks. It wants you to believe that everything can be had, for the right price. Using its foothold in our nation’s economic capital, it has spread throughout American life through the media. Movies, Broadway productions, made for television specials – all have been used to pry loose your love.

And it continues to win.

Yes, friends, there most certainly is evil in this world – and it wears pinstripes.

Don’t let yourself be seduced. Resist the temptation to root for the frontrunner. For the sake of the freedom loving sports fans throughout our great nation, let us band together in our disdain for the damn Yankees. Let our voices raise as one to this baseball menace. Let it be known that they can win, but they can no longer have our admiration.

And if the Sox are denied once again this year, please – please let it be someone other than THEM.