Fit to be tied

The following entry was rated R – Restricted, due to adult language. It has since been edited.

What would you do if someone insulted your spouse? What would you do if someone openly called him or her hurtful names? Could you simply shrug them off? Could you simply stand by and do nothing?

What if someone insulted your spouse anonymously, but in a public forum? What if you could respond in kind? Would you call them out? Would you vent your anger by calling them the most insulting names you could think of?

What if you decided to respond, but elected to attempt the high road – and it failed your subjective “enough” test?

(Once upon a time there was another paragraph here. It has since been removed in the name of decency.)

Nope. That didn’t help much either. So much for trying the lowest common denominator approach.


Excuse me, the baby seems to have woken up.