More words to live by

When you’re not feeling your best, do you crave a pick-me-up that you can sink your teeth into? Do you look for something that can raise your blood sugar as much as your spirits? Is frosted something more than a colorful way to describe your mood? If you are with me so far then you can appreciate the soothing value of a frosted brown sugar and cinnamon Pop-tart toaster pastry. My only beef with the Pop-tart people is that they package the tasty morsels in pairs. When you crack that seal of freshness, and the tear in the foil package gives you that first glimpse of what’s waiting inside, no fewer than two pastries assault your senses. What freedom loving American could abandon a perfectly good toaster pastry, regardless of the size of your appetite? Returning an unsealed, and lets face it: damn near criminally vulnerable, toaster pastry to the opened box is more than this conscientious author can bear.

So when I’m alone in my office, and there are no takers for a perfectly good spare toaster pastry, I really can’t eat just one. It’s just not the right thing to do.

Tune in next time when we debate the pros and cons of the hard ‘n fruity, soft ‘n chewy, artificially flavored, cherry Now and Later.