Late night with the speaker of the house

Except for the television displaying the static default “DVD VIDEO” picture, the room is dark. Well, that’s not exactly true, I shouldn’t forget the small amount of light my beloved PowerBook is producing. My month old son is sleeping peacefully about six feet to my left. My feet are stowed in their full, up most position. My son finished eating his last meal about two hours ago. My daughter went to bed right after that. My wife went to bed several hours before that. Since then the television hasn’t done what it’s best at (displaying moving pictures). There was an aborted attempt to pick a DVD an hour and a half ago, but I’ll get back to that in a moment. I haven’t done any reading. I haven’t done any housework. I haven’t played with any of my computers. I haven’t taken a nap. I haven’t done anything I would be embarrassed to explain in this space. So what the hell have I been doing, short of doing my best impression of a chronic, vegetative state? In the last hour and a half I’ve made three trips to the kitchen and back (from our family room). I’ve eaten two Twix bars, drank one glass of berry burst Gatorade, opened and stared into three different DVD boxes, and gave some serious thought to how entertaining all of this would be to my faithful readers.

Yeah, I really blew that call.

Welcome to the constituency of one. It’s a magical place where expectations are only as high as you choose and there are no repercussions for prolonged inactivity, so long as your temperament can stand it. Words can not describe how, (enthusiastic grunt), it can be.

On the evening of the third day (of the work week), John created absolutely nothing – and it was good.