Boots over Belgium

BRUSSELLS, Belgium (AP) – Seeking to brush up on his bona fides as the “American Wartime President,” President Bush had tough talk for Europeans on the issue of Syria and Iran on Monday. While Bush would not rule out the use of force in Iran or Syria, he did claim there were differences to the situation in Iraq and Iran, “, for one thing, we’ve got a whole mess ‘a troops in Iraq, I’d bet the ranch in Crawford we haven’t committed as much personnel to Iran.”

Meanwhile, Americans continue to follow world events closely. In a CNN/Gallop poll taken this weekend, Americans were asked whether Iran or North Korea posed the more immanent threat to U.S. interests. Over 80% of respondents answered “yes.” Critics of the poll claim the results are invalid, because it was not a yes or no question; but it has not stopped the administration from touting the results when asked about American sentiments by European reporters. “One of my favorite songs talks about gamblin’; about knowin’ when to hold ’em and when to fold ’em,” Bush said. When asked what this had to do with the situation in Iran or North Korea, Bush’s assistant stepped in. “That’s all folks. Sorry, no more questions.”