Listen carefully, my friend

The other day one of my coworkers approached me with welcome praise. He told me that he appreciated all of the helpful computer advice I had given him over the course of our six year acquaintance. He went so far as to say that he trusted my computer advice more than anyone else.

Who doesn’t like to be appreciated, as if he were the best thing to come along since Barry first crooned “,Copa Cabana,?” I was sitting there with my Big Gulp serving of caffeine, having a grand ‘ole time, when the moment was spoiled by inspiration.

Seeing a barn sized opening for the taking, I could not resist temptation.

“Then why haven’t you taken my MOST IMPORTANT piece of computer advice to date?” I asked.

“What would that be?” He replied.

“Get a Mac.”

The loud groan of skepticism momentarily ruined a perfectly good moment of self-righteousness.