Taking a pee in the stream of consciousness

It starts with 1066. You may not know this, but 1066 represents the average monthly income of someone who works full time and earns the minimum wage – as defined by the newly amended Florida Constitution. What you may not know is that 1066 also represents the year of the Norman conquest of England, the last time England was conquered by a foreign army – consummated at the Battle of Hastings. What you are darn near certain not to know is that I confused the Battle of Hastings with the Battle of Tours early this morning. Charles earned his name “the hammer” when he ruthlessly smote the Moors at Tours in 732. Though I’m not sure they were Moors, they were definitely Muslims; and since Muslims don’t rhyme with Tours, you can see the allure of Moors.

All of this led me to muse on monikers. Charles Martel had a kickin’ name. “The Hammer” makes all of those “greats” look like prissy little boys still trying to please their mammas. Anyone with a little pretension can consider themselves “great,” but “The Hammer” begs a little backup.

Of course 1066 has nothing to do with “the hammer”, other than me and the stream, but it all has to start somewhere.