If someone asks a question in the woods and no one is there to hear it, do you have to answer?

I feel pretty inadequate when I see sites that look cooler than mine, so you could expect that I feel pretty low just about every time I browse the internet. One thing has kept me going, my agency’s internal site design was really lame. Notice the strategic use of the past tense? Sure, the folks in my department may be underpaid civil servants, but they get paid to design a web site. Me? Cheryl doesn’t like that I spend so much free time on mine. Surely someone that gets paid to do something could come up with something more pleasing to the eye? Alas, they have finally done their job. This morning I found that even our internal agency site was cooler than mine.

Well, brain o’mine, looks like we gots some thinkin’ to do. Sorry Cheryl.

**Author’s note: this entry was hand crafted by the author on Thursday, June 15 – but not posted until today.