It’s all about the choice

It was a perfectly splendid evening. Had it stayed that way, chances are good you’d be surfing the web’s wave to greener pastures right now. We were just finishing a thoroughly enjoyable episode of The Daily Show (courtesy of the tres cool DVR), when Cheryl offered her Hobson’s Choice of household drudgery. “So, do you want to start the dishwasher or take care of the laundry?” Loosely translated into King’s English, this means: “Carry thy arse to the galley and scrub down the finery, then meet me in our chambers to stow the remainder of the laundry.”

And this right before bedtime? How am I supposed to sleep now? Damn that wife of mine!

– Author’s note: while King’s English it may not be… I’d settle for mildly amusing to thee.