The great cough-drop debate

In my book it is written: “no menthol-less cough drop shall come before me.” Come on, it’s the menthol that makes it go, I dare you to say it isn’t so!

I was sitting in my office, my throat in perfect operating condition, when I decided I wanted some menthol. Release the Halls! Nay, instead I got a poor, sugared up substitute. I got a luden’s. Don’t get me wrong, it tasted swell; but I don’t think it would have done a thing for my cough, if I had one. It tasted like, well, rather like a piece of candy. Is sugar a home remedy for the common cough? (Why yes, it is, but don’t stop me now.) Then I happened to notice the manufacturer, the Hershey Foods Corporation. That’s right; it’s THAT Hershey. That wacky Pennsylvania chocolatier thinks he’s got the drop on your cough!

Now take Halls; a serious drop for serious people, made by Cadbury, of cr’me egg fame? Is this a conspiracy? Are the sugar barons taking over the world? When will this madness end?

Methinks when I stop typing.