Sleeping with the enemy

“Cats and dogs, living together, mass-hysteria!”
– Bill Murray, Ghostbusters

97.5% of the folks out there who bought a PC this year won’t care one whiff about this – but what do they know anyway? First, there was the Macintosh. Then, there was Wintel. Now (or in 2006 anyway) there is Macintel. This is just like finding out Darth Vader was Luke’s father. There’s a great disturbance in the force.

Sure, the sun will rise in the morning, but what will it be shining on – the bastard child of good and evil? After years of toiling in a Betamax wilderness, will Apple find greater success with a less elegant, but more common and cheaper VHS? We few – we merry enlightened few – what will happen to us? Will Rosetta be more rose or rube? Will my next computer purchase bring a wave of necessary software upgrades? Maybe Luke will unmask Vader in the end and find out he can be saved – that the goodness in him can prevail.