Mr. and Mrs. Smith

Since Cheryl and I have scaled back our Netflix subscription, movies at the Kauffman house have been rare. We’ve watched plenty of DVDs… like Lost and Oz, but few movies. With two kids whipping around the house, adult time has been at a premium… and rarely can be culled into a two hour block.

So I’ve been choosy about the movies we get. I thought this movie was just original enough, just witty enough, and just gritty enough to overcome my recently obtained, entertainment “news” induced, Pitt/Jolie bias. (Frankly, I’m sick of seeing both faces… and I don’t even read entertainment “news.”) I wasn’t crazy about how it ended, but there was enough glow left over from the rest of the movie to overcome the last couple of sequences.

I’m considering giving it five stars (out of five, on the Netflix rating scale), but I’m teetering on the 4-5 fence. Agh, maybe four… a bias is a terrible thing to waste.

Give the gift of words.