Twentieth anniversary of January 10, 1986 (a date which has no particular significance)

But speaking of twentieth anniversaries, I thought I’d let you all know that I’ve successfully installed and booted OS 9.0.4 on the Twentieth Anniversary Mac at my office. I made a brief search through my disgustingly well organized software archive at home, and came up with my old version of iTunes (version 2) that plays nicely with OS 9 (sans OS 8 hack). I was positively glowing with glee, until a fellow state employee stopped by on a walkabout. Without greeting, he walks up to my side, leans over, looks at the front of the TAM, walks around my desk, takes a close look at the back, closely inspects the FM antenna sprouting from it’s hind quarters, and says “interesting,” before walking out.

You know how some folks say “interesting” with a tone and manner that suggests condescension? Has he no respect for his elders? Reduce, reuse and recycle man!

Give the gift of words.