Hanging on a wall near you

There are a couple of important things you need to know about a candleholder I hung on the wall for Cheryl.

1. It is made of glass, but is quite solid.
2. It is boxy, and sticks out from the wall.
3. It has edges – not exactly sharp – but kind of like the pointy edge of a cube.
4. It is hung near the corner two joining walls that stick out into our room, on a path frequently traveled (to the master bathroom).
5. It is hung right at my eye level, just above my line of site when I am walking (I typically look slightly down as I walk).
6. It has a mirrored surface.
7. It is positioned such that when I walk past (usually in uncomfortably close proximity) I see the lamp in our room shining in my face just as I walk past.

Thus I am reminded every time I go to the bathroom that I picked a terrible place to hang that dang thing. Every time I walk past I am forced to think, “I’m no Bobby Vila,” or in the alternative, “I’m going to have a hard to explain bruise one day.”

Give the gift of words.