R.I.P. my bondi blue buddy

Yesterday marked the passing of my original, 1998 vintage, rev. B, bondi blue iMac. I was firing it back up to serve as a back up server, so I could bring the iBook off-line for some heavy duty servicing. Alas, my old buddy went down in an unspectacular snap, crackle and pop within thirty seconds of powering it up.

It seems like it was only yesterday I was ankle tackling a fellow post-Thanksgiving shopper to get one of the last promotional iMacs on the Comp USA shelf (they were giving away a free printer, scanner, Imation Superdrive, AND 13 inch color TV with the purchase of an iMac**).

As few of you as there are, I’d hate to lose one of you to server maintenance. Now that my little buddy is gone, I’m lost in a sea of uncertainty. What will I do now?!?

**After mail-in rebates. Note: the color TV was not exclusive to iMac sales… they were giving one away with any PC purchase.

Give the gift of words.