There’s always time for tinkering

I may be slaving away at work, but that’s no excuse for my trusty PowerBook to sit home alone, sleeping away the day in quiet oblivion. It’s here at the office with me, busily writing zeros to my (for the moment) resurrected iPod. Once it’s done with that it’s got a little reformatting to do… then a little matter of transferring eight gigabytes of data.

Between you and me, the iPod is probably a lost cause… but don’t tell my PowerBook. With everything else going on, I don’t need it to be upset with me too.

This just in from the wires… I may be the only person in state government at this moment to have three, fully operational computers, a temporarily restored iPod, and a Palm OS device… simultaneously cranking away on my desk. I’m not altogether sure this is an achievement I should be proud of or not, but I’m getting a shit load of stuff done.

Mush yon workers.

Give the gift of words.