The following entry contains no less than one understatement

When you have one child you are asked to play. When you have two children you are asked to mediate property disputes. Earlier today the property in dispute was none other than yours truly. I was sitting on the couch, minding my own business, when Beth yells, “DADDY!” and proceeds to leap into my lap. Not to be out done, Adam dives at me like a Japanese fighter plane, with seemingly complete disregard for his own well being… yelling “DADDY” much like his Japanese counterpart might yell, “BANZAI!” The competition continued until I said, “I think someone peeled off my scab.” (This being the result of a tragic Pergo incident two days prior.) Beth yelled, “Oh gross, is it bleeding?” then took off, not waiting for an answer.

Once again I had peace… paid for with an inch long scab, taken from my knee.

It was worth every platelet.

Give the gift of words.