Life after death

Someone once told me that funerals are for the living not for the dead, and that pretty much sums up yesterday… a day that the living did their best to keep on living. Pity me not dear reader, for my loss was a pittance compared to my wife’s family. My role in this was to play back up… a role that I’m not particularly well suited, so you can imagine I was a big help.

As the day unfolded I watched people make the plans we all figure on making one day; a day that often seems to come a few “one days” sooner than we would like. I watched my wife try to fill three different roles. Mostly I just watched. It was a day to rue my tendency towards listening over action, and a general inability to make things better.

No, don’t pity me dear reader. I’ve got plenty for myself. Think to those who have tried, and those who have died. Think to those who must continue to live, with memories of a shared life, sustained with the help of our love.

Give the gift of words.