Family night

I still have the capacity to be surprised. I tend to take a lot for granted, so my continuing capacity to be surprised… is… well… a surprise. This dual layer of surprise struck me last night, at the Dunedin Rec Family Night.

I was skeptical when Beth approached her camp leader to ask for an extra treat, for something that she could give to her brother. I didn’t say anything at the time (or since)… I thought I would give her the benefit of doubt and let it play out. I was delighted when Beth set it aside for her brother when we got home later that evening, and I was surprised when she made a point of giving it to him when he woke up this morning. I felt a certain amount of affirmation as a parent when I sensed that Beth found her own reward for a good deed… as a warm smile crept across her face at the sight of Adam thoroughly enjoying his gift.

Give the gift of words.