Hardly working

Live, from a courthouse near you, I’m bored out of my gourd. That’s right folks, me and my cold have taken our show on the road.

I’ve taken this opportunity to read some of my own stuff, and I must say that I’m really disappointed (again). Time has made itself scarce (this morning not withstanding), and life has really gotten in the way of my hobbies. As a result, this blog has been an edit free zone for the better part of a month (again). And what’s up with all the parentheses? It’s like I can’t get enough. The real problem is that I tend to write like I talk, which tells you a lot about how I speak. I’m a one man sidebar discussion.

Since the start of the fall television season, fitting in the boob-tube has gotten really stressful. Have I mentioned that Cheryl is a Tivo Nazi? Anytime we get more than a few hours backed up on the DVR television bumps past laundry on the priority list… and you KNOW Cheryl and laundry are tight. How often do you associate television recordings with a pressure cooker? I’m not afraid to admit that I’m cooked. I haven’t played Halo 2 for two weeks, for Pete’s sake!

Give the gift of words.