We now rejoin the game, already in progress

The GOP has been running from its history for thirty years, since Civil Rights for ethnic minorities became res judicata (so to speak). It hasn’t been running all that fast lately… they haven’t really needed to, what with their recent string of electoral success and all. One might have expected that they might run a little faster since their foray to the right left them a few seats short in both houses of the legislature a week ago. That’s why it’s so interesting that the GOP is bringing back their pseudo/nouveau southern segregationalist: Trent Lott. Last we heard from Trent he was waxing poetic about Strom Thurmond and the good ‘ole days. Now he’s back, primarily because he can simultaneously schmooze and ‘wrassle with the best of them… in other words, he can keep those damn dissenting conservatives in the GOP in line.

Not to be outdone, the Democrats are wasting no time forgetting the last twelve years ever happened… skipping the traditional two years of good behavior and jumping right into an ethical quagmire. Momentarily forgetting that they were placed in power as a reaction to recent GOP ethics problems; Nancy Pelosi (the incoming Speaker of the House) has made a dubious choice for second-in-command, despite the individual’s history of ethics problems.

Election? What Election?

Give the gift of words.