From the ugly to my least favorite team

The Bucs were once again awful. The only thing they did right was get off the field in time to see their old kicker win one for the Cowboys. I will say here that I like the Cowboys only slightly more than I like the Yankees. Why oh why does a team from Texas get to be America’s Team? Isn’t that awfully presumptuous? I don’t know anyone who’s team is the Cowboys. Does that mean we’re all un-American? If you ask me, a Cowboy is just a redneck that moved a little further west.

My Yankee biases aside (can you spell i-r-o-n-y?), I’m happy for Gramatica, Dallas’ new kicker. The year after the Bucs’ Super Bowl he had a spectacular mental collapse… a miss in a loss to Indy, along with consecutive blocks against Carolina was the beginning of the end of both the Bucs and Gramatica.

Good for Martin. My dislike for the Cowboys aside, he’s one former Buc I wouldn’t mind seeing do well.

Give the gift of words.