The best movie requiring a co-pay**

There are different kinds of comedy. Some are obvious and some are subtle. Some have a punch line and others are visual. Some comedy has wide appeal and some does not.

Cheryl and I just finished watching “Little Miss Sunshine,” and I simply must tell you that I’ve never laughed harder. There’s a scene in this movie where at least two human organ systems went critical (for those of you at home keeping score, it was cardiovascular and respiratory). Having said that, I must warn you that this movie undoubtedly DID NOT enjoy wide appeal; although I have almost no basis to make this claim… other than personal suspicion… knowing how my personal favorites usually hold up to public scrutiny. I won’t discuss any of the details, just in case you aren’t scared off by my endorsement, but I will say I thought it was the best anti-establishment movie I’ve ever seen (based on what I perceive to be “the establishment,” or at least some of our society’s “established norms”).

In any case, I’m feeling much better now… in case you were worried. Normal blood flow has returned to my face and I’m breathing regularly.

**The advise of a health related service professional was not sought prior to the posting of this entry.

Give the gift of words.