Dripping with potential

Anyone who’s taken a high school physics class is familiar with potential energy; which is important because potential energy is le metaphor du jour. Tonight we made a discovery in the Kauffman Household… the existence of potential irony. This form of irony has the potential to change the perception of other objects around it. For example… consider dishwashing detergent. On it’s own, dishwashing detergent is an agent of clean… of hygiene… of pristine. Now imagine a bottle of generic dishwashing detergent on a kitchen counter, with a two-year-old child skulking around the house carrying a folding chair.

Friends, what happens when this child finds that the bottle of dishwashing detergent is within his reach when standing on the aforementioned folding chair? Would it be fair to call this “kinetic irony?”

We here at the Kauffman Institute of Parenting will need to get back with you on that.

Give the gift of words.