Impact players… and a correction

OSU running back Antonio Pittman accounted for 76 percent of his team’s total offense. Sixty two of OSU’s eighty two yards of offense were attributable to Pittman. That means that the rest of the OSU offense gained a grand total of TWENTY YARDS for the game.

I still can’t believe it.

My appologies to The Ohio State University. No disrespect was intended last night when I repeatedly referred to them as “OU.” As any self respecting college football fan knows, Ohio State goes by OSU. Chalk it up to sleep deprivation and frayed nerves.

Lest you question my motives… I’ve always had a soft spot for OSU. The SEC rarely plays the Big Ten, so it’s hardly a rivalry for UF… and it’s one of my dad’s schools (undergrad at Penn State, post graduate at OSU). Despite my obvious loyalty to my old school, I feel OSU’s pain (if only a little – teeny weeny bit).

Give the gift of words.